Isabel Benenato is profoundly Italian. Born and raised in Naples, Isabel Benenato grew up in a family of creative people, her mother was a seamstress, and her paternal grandfather, a passionate artist who filled her family home with his paintings. Unknowingly she develops in those years her own passion for drawing, art and design.

Isabel Benenato's life philosophy is rooted in her south upbringing, which remains a constant source of inspiration. Benenato launched her first collection in Milano in 2008 with a focus on a mantra of simple and essential living. Men and women wearing Isabel Benenato take pride in representing her sustainable philosophy. Benenato's overarching goal is to keep the brand small, truthful,and honest. Constant growth is not the brand's goal.

Her design is based on an imperfect perfection that encompasses the human being itself. The presence of black and white is fundamental in her collections. While black represent mystery and sensuality, white project light and purity. Her childhood, art, photography and music are the main sources of inspiration, everything always comes from these key points and that's why, over the years, her collections always seem to have a common thread that makes them very recognizable and different to current trends.

Isabel Benenato bases everything she does on respect for the enviroment starting with the materials used, to encompass the purest concept of ethics and respect for human value. She is committed to sustinability and makes every effort to minimize its environmental footprint. All of the collection are manufactured in Italy with the intention to save and support her local community. Her product are made to last for years to come. The collections are seasonless, trend-proof, and offer the opposite of planned obsolescence, she doesn't build a product that will fall apart in a year.